Let Your Voice Be Heard


Passion for Education

With over 48 years of community involvement, I am driven with passion to support the educational school systems of CH-UH.

Connecting with our neighborhood using a grassroots approach has allowed me to gain trust and hear diverse concerns and ideas for the district.


Responsible Values

Supporting our students' education.

When it comes to school funding I'm in oposition of the Ed. Choice program that's currently affecting our district. Ohio has required that local school district to use state funding to subsidize private education. Not only is the state supporting the voucher system, but the program guarantee students will receive $4,650.00, and increase of over $2,000.00 It is unfortunate that we are losing student and dollars in our district.


Our Agenda

Assuring a Challenging Education for all Students' Successful Transition to Becoming Responsible Citizens


Created an Equity Policy that secures equal access across the school system.


Increasing communication with parents/teachers/students and community to form valuable partnerships.


Support Legislation that will secure more funding for public schools.


Organize more effective Action Teams for Partnerships.


Strengthen Partnership Programs in middle and high schools.


Conduct state and district leadership activities to help school develop partnership programs.

Help Support Our Community

If you would like to see continued effort and innovative leadership for CHUH schools, please chip in today!